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Hi there, and welcome to my blog.

Here you'll find resources about data science, software engineering, and life. Well, maybe not life...

Hope you enjoy.

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Neural Networks gone wild! They can sample from discrete distributions now!

Learn how to use Gumbel distribution to form a NN containing a discrete random component.

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Deep Learning: Theory & Practice

Summary of TCE conference - "Deep Learning: Theory & Practice".

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Hyperparameter Tuning

Our implementation and usage of hyperparameter tuning at Taboola.

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Word morphing

How to employ word2vec's embeddings and A* search algorithm to morph between words.

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Gated Multimodal Units for Information Fusion

Learn how to train a neural network to use inputs from multiple different modalities using the GMU block.

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Linear regression in the wild

Using linear regression when the dependant variables have measurement errors.

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Location History Analysis

Analysis of Google Location History using Pandas time-series API.

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Avoid committing junk

Have you ever accidentaly pushed temporary stuff to the remote git server? Then keep reading.

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Pelican and GitHub Pages workflow

A simple worflow for writing posts using Pelican and GitHub Pages.

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Detecting Anomalies in a SMART Way (Part Three)

Third part of a posts series about finding anomalous users.

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